The price tag of disaster

Over the past four weeks, just two hurricanes have cost the country upwards of $300 billion. This has easily surpassed the 2005 hurricane cost of $200 billion, which included Katrina, Wilma and Rita combined. The cumulative cost of weather continues to escalate and with good reason. read more…

America, the battered

Extreme weather and other climate disasters appear to be occurring far more frequently than we would like. The loss of life and economic damage also seem to be increasing. But does the data support those opinions, and if it does, what price do we pay for all of these perfect storms? read more…

Markets scale a wall of worry

Hurricanes, floods, fires, even missiles could not deter financial markets this week. Instead, investors chose to pin their hopes on tax reform, or at least a tax cut. What are the chances of that happening this year? read more…

How real is tax reform?

Amid hurricanes, floods and missiles, President Trump is trying to ramp up public support for a massive overhaul of the American tax system. However, it is not the public that needs convincing, it is Congress. read more…

Housing or the lack thereof

Inventory, inventory, inventory! They say there’s not enough to fill buyers’ demand. As a result, prices continue to soar, and as they do, the numbers of new sales flatten out. How long will this continue? read more…

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