On a daily basis, I review portfolios of stocks and mutual funds from clients and readers. What strikes me most about all these portfolios is that I rarely come across one that has done better than the market. A large part of the problem lies in their choice of investments.

From time to time, a really interesting fund will come to my attention. One such fund, the ETF Market Opportunity Fund (ETFOX), has chalked up some impressive returns over the last several years and appears ready to offer investors a rewarding and safe ride out of this recession. Better yet, the manager, Paul Frank, is [...]

Traditionally, investors run to cash or bonds, preferably Treasury bonds, when the stock markets decline. They exit, waiting on the sidelines, hoping to re-invest at the lows. Sadly, that strategy has proven to lose investors more money than if they had done nothing. Yet, no one wants to suffer the pain of watching their portfolios [...]