True Confessions

Money holds a great deal of power over us. For many, it is a symbol of worth, competence, freedom, prestige, masculinity, control and security. No wonder most of us have such a hard time talking about ours.

    Buy outs and early retirement packages are increasingly becoming a part of the American landscape. Not a day goes by when some group of employees somewhere are offered financial incentives to retire early. If it happens to you, this is what you should consider.

If you still have your money invested in your former employer’s retirement plan, you may want to rethink the wisdom of that decision. Time and again, retirees, or those saving toward retirement, take the easy way out and do nothing. That could be a big mistake.

  As most of us resolve to lose weight, quit smoking or in some other way change our lives this year, don’t forget to reevaluate where you stand financially. There are some simple steps you can take that will reshape your fortunes for years to come.

  Over the last decade, online enrollment in college classes has exploded. Many hope that it will ultimately help reduce the burgeoning future costs of a college education. The evidence, thus far, indicates that we have a long way to go.

It has now been over three years since the CARD Act was signed into law. You remember that bit of consumer legislation that sailed through congress with nary a nay vote. How then have the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act performed since inception?

The statistics are some of the most accurate in the American medical community. Overall, 35.7 percent of the adult population and 16.9 percent of our children are obese. If you add in those Americans who are merely overweight, then two-thirds of this nation are on the road to higher health costs, a shorter life and [...]

Child labor has been given a bad rap around the world and deservedly so. However, all child labor isn’t necessarily bad. I for one have benefited greatly from my youthful work experiences and I bet you have too.

It is a debate that has occupied this country for years. Should college be free to all Americans or should we continue to pay for it? Those in favor argue it is one of our inalienable rights. Those oppose say college is a privilege to be earned and paid for in order for it to [...]

Give Local

 The bells of the Salvation Army are ringing on Main Street. Yep, it’s that time of the year again when visions of “Tiny Tim” tug at our heart and purse strings. This season try something new; donate your charitable contributions to local organizations.