Dear Bill, The last time we spoke was in March and I had just gotten back into the market after a six month stint on the sidelines. At that time, you were looking for S&P to hit 1450 level into the summer.In the first week of April I had a little over a 9% gain.Since [...]

Bill, I read your article from last year on annuities and wondered if anything has changed. A broker I have a small IRA with (as well as a broker working with a local bank) is touting immdiate annuities as a beneficial income stream as I get close to retirement (I am 62). My wife and I [...]

Riddle me this… Are there questions about finance, economics, or the markets that you are just dying to ask? This is the forum for you. Each week I will take those questions that I believe will have the most interest to our readers and expound upon them.  Everything you write will be completely confidential. I never use [...]