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Off to the races?

The jockeys are lined up at the starting gate. The horses are champing at the bit. Bets are being placed on everything from the condition of the track to which horse will come in first, second, third and so on. Where will you be placing your bets in 2018 in the stock market derby? read more…

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The market that keeps on giving

You can’t say enough about a stock market that continues to climb, day after day, month after month. Best of all, it looks like it will continue to do so through the end of the year. What happens in 2018? Well, that may be a different story. read more…

Here comes Santa


With less than two weeks until Santa Claus shimmies down your chimney, investors are betting that what the Big Man has in his sack is lots and lots of gains to finish out 2017. read more…

Will the lights go out?

The deadline looms. There is no deal in sight. Various political factions are jockeying to get their demands met. It is all part of an annual compromise to fund the government for another year. So what else is new? read more…

Is this a blow-off top?

Stocks roared higher this week. The gains were fueled by the expectation that Congress will pass a tax reform bill before the end of the year. That is not at all certain, but the markets are assuming it’s a done deal. So what happens next? read more…

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