It has now been over three years since the CARD Act was signed into law. You remember that bit of consumer legislation that sailed through congress with nary a nay vote. How then have the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act performed since inception? (more…)

Fly Me to the Moon

Good news is good news but bad news is even better news for the stock markets. If you doubt that, just look at recent events and how investors have reacted.

Markets Blast Off


Not in my backyard


The oil and gas boom in this country has had some serious side effects. Everything from earthquakes to polluted water has been blamed on the industry. Residents near the areas of hydraulic drilling and exploration are fighting back using the Environmental Protection Agency, lawsuits, lobbying and the media.  The challenge is separating fact from fiction in this on-going fight. (more…)

Doubts are growing. Economic data is beginning to disappoint. Investors are taking profits and beginning to sell their best holdings. Yet, earnings are coming in better than expected. What’s an investor to do? (more…)

The Gas Rush

There is talk that this country could be the Saudi Arabia of natural gas. It’s clean burning, domestically produced, abundant and offers a concrete exit plan away from this nation’s foreign energy dependence. Yet, from Texas to New York Americans appear to be willing to take up arms against any additional gas drilling. (more…)

As we enter the second quarter, this first week is a taste of things to come. After months of enjoying a straight-up stock market, we are getting back to the new normal, so strap on your seat belts.

Risk has returned


Recently, worries have surfaced over the sustainability of economic growth in this country. Over the last several months the data has been pretty good. Now the numbers indicate the economy is faltering—again.

Which way the economy?


 The release of the Federal Reserve’s FOMC meeting notes on Tuesday was responsible for the initial sell-off in the markets this week. Then a Spanish bond auction on Wednesday was received poorly by bond investors. That spooked the U.S. stock market for a second day in a row. Things have snowballed from there. (more…)

“… He’s got jellybeans for Tommy,
        Colored eggs for sister Sue,
There’s an orchid for your Mommy And an Easter bonnet, too.”

Peter Cottontail – by Steve Nelson & Jack Rollins


This year’s early spring could mean a little extra cash in retailer’s Easter baskets. Despite gasoline prices approaching $4.00/gallon, consumers are shopping for everything from hams to hydrangeas. (more…)

The statistics are some of the most accurate in the American medical community. Overall, 35.7 percent of the adult population and 16.9 percent of our children are obese. If you add in those Americans who are merely overweight, then two-thirds of this nation are on the road to higher health costs, a shorter life and a miserable life style. (more…)