Summertime Blues


On Tuesday the S&P 500 Index hit a new high for the year. The index has been digesting that gain every day since. Contrary to what you might think, that is a good thing. (more…)


Two national statistics in the last month underscore the nightmare of being a member of America’s Middle Class. The cost of raising a child is up again to $235,000, while the income generated by those same families is “suffering its worst decade in modern history.”

The Middle Class is between a rock and a hard place


Will the Fed Ease?


            New doubts began to surface this week on whether the Federal Reserve Bank is truly ready to stimulate the economy as early as the end of August. Given that the markets are at year highs on the anticipation of another round of bond buying, you need to ask yourself what will happen if they don’t. (more…)

Is Krugman Right?

Economist Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate and New York Times columnist has suggested a solution to this Great Recession. It is a controversial suggestion and one that flies in the face of today’s political wisdom. It just might work. (more…)


This week I have had a hard time deciding what’s worse: this summer’s heat and humidity or the meandering markets. The averages barely budged over five days and the volume was, well, atrocious. (more…)

Hurrah for us. The “Curiosity” landing on Mars was the most complex landing NASA has ever attempted. The mission cost taxpayers $2.5 billion, but if history is any guide the economic payback to America will be much greater than that. (more…)

Do what your told

Years ago, it was our captains of industry who commanded the world’s attention. More recently, the spotlight of power was centered on Wall Street’s banks and brokers until 2008. Today, however, the heads of government and central banks are the market movers. (more…)


 Central bankers in both the U.S. and Europe disappointed most investors this week by failing to announce any additional monetary stimulus. But that doesn’t mean they won’t. What Wall Street fails to understand is that governments do things in their own time and pace. (more…)

Promises, Promises

Twice in the last month the stock markets gained well over a percent in less than an hour. Both times the markets had sold off all week only to snap back on any hint of good news. Markets are primed to go higher. All they need is a promise or two fulfilled. (more…)