Insult to Injury


It has been over a week since Hurricane Sandy descended upon the Northeast. Adding insult to injury, this week’s Nor’easter  provided yet another punch to a region that is barely standing.  Fortunately, yesterday’s storm was more of an inconvenience than a disaster. (more…)

After a year of uncertainty, we now know who will be governing the nation over the next four years. Unfortunately, it is not the guy that Wall Street was hoping would win. Investors took out their disappointment by selling. That is a mistake. (more…)

Decision Time


Election Day approaches. Investors are jumpy as if the fate of the markets depends on which candidate is elected. Here’s my take—it doesn’t matter who wins. The markets are going up after the elections, no matter who wins. (more…)




If left unchecked, the trend in income inequality in this country will continue to widen. It will lead to an increasingly dysfunctional economy, heightened political polarization, paralyses and a level of anger and mistrust that this nation has not seen since the Great Depression. (more…)



Here’s a great cocktail party question. What do Cote d’Ivoire, Uruguay and the United States have in common? Answer: all three nations have about the same level of income inequality among its citizens. For those who didn’t know it, America now ranks lowest of all developed nations in terms of income distribution.

Could this happen here?


Recent evidence seems to indicate that stock market investors are not as enamored with Mitt Romney and the GOP as one would believe. The averages have now fallen below last month’s “QE Infinity” announcement and risk falling further. This is why. (more…)

Income inequality in the United States should worry you. Chances are if you are reading this column, you still count yourself as one of America’s middle class. Just how long that will be true may be entirely out of your hands. (more…)

The first presidential debate went to Mitt Romney. The markets liked his performance. But they liked the employment data on Friday almost as much. Further good news should continue to support the markets into the elections. (more…)