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Another record high


This off again, on again market continues to grind higher, if only by a few points, but it is the direction that counts. This week it was the S&P 500 Index’s turn to chalk up another record gain. And so it goes. read more…

The Millennials and Money

Recent studies indicate our nation’s youth are not investing in the stock markets. That’s nothing new. It takes a rare individual under the age of thirty to have the wisdom to invest at a young age. For those who do, their future could be golden. read more…

Noise in, noise out

The market did another round trip on investors this week, testing both the lows and the highs of the recent trading range. At some point, the markets have to break. The only question is will the break be to the upside or the downside? read more…

Hero to zero in one week

It was just a week ago that the NASDAQ made a new, 15-year high. The other indexes also chalked up new trading records. Equity strategists were predicting greater gains just around the corner. Four days later we are at the bottom of the trading range again. read more…

Does another trade pact make sense?

As Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to the United States winds down, politicians in both houses of Congress need to decide whether the proposed Trans-Pacific, 12-nation trade pact makes economic sense. It does and we should jump on it. read more…

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