Investors are selling first and waiting for the facts later. Few can blame them given their experience in 2008-2009. Investors in the stock market sustained huge losses by naively believing that the financial sector and the government were in control of that crisis. This time around, no one believes anything they say.

Germany's engine is running out of steam


Last week, I advised investors to “wait for the bounce” before getting more defensive. We’ve had three bounces this week, so by now you are either out of your most aggressive investments or nearly so. Stay defensive. (more…)

  It’s been one heck of a two weeks. One would think the world was coming to an end, given the way global markets have behaved. You may not be able to make much sense of why markets sold off so quickly, but out of the carnage we may be able to predict what comes next. Here’s why. (more…)

Now What?

Unless you have been living in a vacuum, you are keenly aware of the stock market’s freefall. Panic is in the air and rumors are swirling around the Street’s trading floors. It is time for investors to step back and take a breath.

11 days of hell


It has been over a year since investors experienced the kind of sell-off that has beset the global stock markets this week. As of Thursday, most indexes have lost 10% or more. The jury is split on whether we are at the bottom or have more to go.

What to do when the bear is staring you in the face?


Buy or Sell?

 Here we are, just two working days away form Armageddon and despite constant assurances from politicians and Wall Street alike, there is still no deal in sight.

Beyond the debt ceiling?


Enough Already!

 All week the markets have hung on every word coming out of Washington. Nothing else has mattered: not earnings, not Europe’s problems, not even the second coming of Christ could have distracted investors. Now that both political parties have achieved what they wanted, let’s please stop the monkey business before it’s too late.

Pass the damn bill!


One Down, One to Go

            On Friday the European Union announced a new $157 billion bailout plan for Greece. The scope of the plan went much further than most investors expected. It promised to finance all countries that need bailouts for as long as it takes for them to recover. There’s more.

Storm clouds are disappearing


Full Monty — “everything which is necessary, appropriate, or possible; ‘the works’”, Oxford English Dictionary

A new rescue plan for Greece is being hammered out in Brussels today. Although the details are yet to be released, it appears that the European Community is finally going for an overall plan that will do more than just band aid over the debt crisis of southern Europe.

European leaders bite the bullet


What If?

This week the scales finally tipped. The phones began to ring and each call was roughly the same.

“What are the chances the debt ceiling won’t be raised?”

“What happens if the politicians can’t make a deal?’

“What will happen to my investments if the worst case scenario happens?” (more…)