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Good Friday and the stock market


This Friday the stock and bond markets will be closed to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, or so the theory goes. But that is just one of the many myths involved in this holiday and its origins remain a mystery. read more…

Banks face tougher regulations

This week the eight largest U.S. banks were told they need to increase capital by about $68 billion. In some ways it is too little, too late in the government’s efforts to prevent another financial meltdown. Nonetheless, the regulations do provide an increased level of safety for taxpayers. read more…

No spring in the stock market


As spring finally arrives throughout the country, you would think the stock market would celebrate, but not this year. The indexes were slammed again this week and we can expect more of the same in the months ahead. read more…

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Get Ready for More Stimulus


 Central bankers in both the U.S. and Europe disappointed most investors this week by failing to announce any additional monetary stimulus. But that doesn’t mean they won’t. What Wall Street fails to understand is that governments do things in their own time and pace. read more…

Promises, Promises

Twice in the last month the stock markets gained well over a percent in less than an hour. Both times the markets had sold off all week only to snap back on any hint of good news. Markets are primed to go higher. All they need is a promise or two fulfilled. read more…

A Bottom is not the same thing as a Recovery

Every summer for the last three years economists have announced that the housing market has finally bottomed. But in the same breath, they talk about a recovery they expect in the months and years ahead. I agree that the bottom is in but there is little sign of that promised recovery. read more…

The Case for More Stimulus is building

It is that time of the year when all eyes turn to the Fed. The economy is slowing once again and the junkies on Wall Street are jonesing for their annual stimulus fix. It looks like they are going to get one.

Investors need their fix

read more…

The Drought of 2012

            All you need do is look out your window to understand that a drought has descended upon our region. Aside from yellow lawns and possibly local restrictions on watering your grass, most of us here in the Northeast haven’t felt its real impact—yet. read more…

July begins with a bang

This week global stock markets charged out of the gate with the averages making up for most of the ground lost since May. All three averages experienced two month highs until a bout of profit-taking brought prices back to earth at the end of the week.  I expect this summer rally to continue for the next few months.  read more…

The dollars and sense of losing weight

The statistics are some of the most accurate in the American medical community. Overall, 35.7 percent of the adult population and 16.9 percent of our children are obese. If you add in those Americans who are merely overweight, then two-thirds of this nation are on the road to higher health costs, a shorter life and a miserable life style. read more…

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