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The joint business is jumping


Today, more than 7 million Americans are no longer limping. Instead, they are trotting around with the assistance of artificial knees, hips or both. Every year another million of us will join the crowd, and that number is expected to grow as America ages. read more…

College savings accounts are not risk-free


A national debate over whether to tax “529” college savings plans has turned the spotlight on these plans and how they work. Do they really help parents save the money their kids will need for college? The answer depends on how they are invested and how they are managed. read more…

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Retirement, who can afford it?


Most Americans’ retirement savings are under $25,000. That’s old news. The new news is that with social security in jeopardy, medical costs skyrocketing and the chances of living longer better than ever, how do you expect to retire in the years ahead? read more…

1995 Redux?

By my reckoning, this leg of the stock market rally began about a week after the presidential elections. The rally overall has been going on much longer. The question everyone is asking is how long it can go on without a major correction. read more…

Sticker Shock in the Housing Market


The housing market has been in the doldrums so long that most of us believe that when we are ready to buy a new home there will be plenty of deals out there. Think again, the rising costs of everything from land to labor are causing new home prices to climb. read more…

Up, Up and Away

Investors hit the cash register again this week as all three indexes gained. And it wasn’t just here in the United States. European markets gained steam as well while Japan absolutely shined. After four years of volatility, we earned this rally. read more…

Online Education is not a Panacea


Over the last decade, online enrollment in college classes has exploded. Many hope that it will ultimately help reduce the burgeoning future costs of a college education. The evidence, thus far, indicates that we have a long way to go. read more…

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