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Stocks need a break

This week the S&P 500 Index touched 1,800 before pulling back a bit. Hitting round numbers in the averages usually creates some profit taking among investors. A number of indicators are also hinting that a minor correction could happen at any time. read more…

Averting a future food crisis

More and more scientists, sociologists and economists are predicting a world food crisis in this century.  Meeting that challenge will require another Green Revolution, but how we accomplish that is the subject of a great deal of controversy. read more…

Market gains are just beginning


For those who have yet to commit to equity, it is time to reassess. We have entered a new phase in stock markets worldwide. It is called a secular bull market and could last for many years.  Don’t let this opportunity slip by. read more…

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Hire A Vet

Over 2.2 million of our men and women have served in Afghanistan and Iraq. Today 7.6% of them are looking for jobs. Hiring them should be a no-brainer for this country’s employers. read more…

Markets Mark Time

Questions concerning China and its economic future kept the market’s exuberance in check this week. Given that China is key to most global growth forecasts, any hint of a slowing of the Chinese economic engine is taken seriously.  This week we received a bit of bad news. read more…

Stubble and Scruff

Facial hair is back in a big way among men. That is nothing new, but the time, effort and expense of looking so scruffy might surprise you.

Back in the day, you were either clean shaven or grew a beard. During the Hippie Era, it was all long hair and beards, which sent many a barber to the poor house. Hair length gradually shortened, beards and moustaches were trimmed and barbers breathed a sigh of relief. Over a decade ago, American men grew older and fatter. To add insult to injury, their hair started to thin as well. The fashion industry quickly came to the rescue and convinced the nation that bald was beautiful.

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What do bonds and gold have in common?

U.S. Treasury bonds and the price of gold and silver have plummeted this week. Aside from the losses they have suffered, both securities represent what are called “risk-off” trades. The proceeds of those sales are being invested in the “risk-on” stock market.

How long before the Fed turns off the spigot?

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Clients Last? Welcome to Wall Street

Sam Rogers, head of trading: “And you’re selling something that you “know” has no value.”

John Tuld, CEO: “We are selling to willing buyers at the current market price.”

John Tuld: “So that we may survive.”

                                                            “Margin Call”

If you ever wondered where you stand on Wall Street, the op-ed opinion piece in yesterday’s New York Times is a must read. The fall out from the words of a 12-year veteran of one of the world’s most prestigious investment firm is resonating around the world.

Watch your Wallet

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