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Shot across the bow?

Interest rates have been on a downward path for almost thirty years. In May of last year, thanks to the Fed’s taper talk, that direction has reversed. This week it was revealed that some Fed officials are actually discussing when to hike interest rates.  read more…

How to look at early retirement offers



Buy outs and early retirement packages are increasingly becoming a part of the American landscape. Not a day goes by when some group of employees somewhere are offered financial incentives to retire early. If it happens to you, this is what you should consider. read more…

Just about there

What a difference one week makes. All the concerns that were ostensibly responsible for the stock market’s 7% decline in January have already been forgotten. It appears investors are bound and determined to push the markets back to the highs. read more…

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Risk On

It is time to put cash to work. This weekend the Greek electorate goes to the polls. Anything can happen and that’s why it is a good time to invest. read more…

What were they thinking?


It was one of those ‘scratch your head’ weeks on Wall Street. Markets rallied in anticipation that both the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve were going to announce some kind of new stimulus. Investors walked away empty-handed. read more…

Fraught with Peril

We witnessed some panic on Friday. U.S. Investors, already concerned with events in Europe, were seemingly stunned by the decline in the jobs data. What happens next should be interesting.

Bears Rule the Day

read more…

When Cash is King

Traders are afraid to hold securities, especially stocks, over the weekends. Every Friday afternoon positions are squared and Wall Street goes home with few if any overnight positions. This three-day weekend you can bet cash will be king. read more…

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