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Japan, The Defense Dilemma

Japan is an island nation surrounded by countries who have expressed hostile intent in one form or another over recent years. It is also faced with turning around an economy that until recently was mired in a decades-long malaise. The launching of the “Izumo”, a 19,500-ton aircraft carrier, last week may be Japan’s answer to both problems. read more…

A nation of minimum wage workers

Recently, the minimum wage in America has been the subject of much debate. Proponents of increasing the wage argue that people holding those jobs can’t possibly make ends meet. Those against it contend that by doing so even more people would be priced out of the workforce.  Why should you care? read more…

To Taper or not to Taper?

Will the Fed taper? If so, when will they taper and by how much? No one knows and because the markets just abhor the unknown, it is why the stock market declined this week. Pay no attention to these histrionics. read more…

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 The dividing line that often separates bull from bear is the 200 day Moving Average (200 DMA). It is a technical term that tracks the moving average price of stocks over 200 days. All week equities have traded a little above or below that average, leaving investors uncertain of what awaits them in 2012. read more…


Christmas is here and the market action this week indicates the traditional end of the year rally appears ready to begin. About the best one can say is at least we can count on Santa if not anyone else. read more…

Give Local

 The bells of the Salvation Army are ringing on Main Street. Yep, it’s that time of the year again when visions of “Tiny Tim” tug at our heart and purse strings. This season try something new; donate your charitable contributions to local organizations.

Make your gift count this year

read more…

Is Santa Claus Coming to Town?

Most years, at about this time, investors begin to anticipate a so-called “Christmas Rally”. So far investors have received nothing but coal in their stockings. I counsel patience. Most investors appear to be jumping the gun.

Where is he?

read more…

Why everyone should have a will

Why everyone should have a will

“I’m not old enough to worry about a will,” said one of my clients recently.

Looking at him, you might agree, At 25, he is as healthy as the horses he shoes. As a Ferrier with his own business, he works hard and plays hard. Life is his oyster right now but if he dies, I reminded him, the state gets everything.

read more…

The Case of Crying Wolf

How many times in the past year have we been faced with binary events that were either “do or die” moments for the markets? Some turned out to be “dos” but others definitely failed to meet investors’ expectations. Yet, armageddon did not occur. read more…

It’s your move America

It is no accident that a growing number of Senators and Congressmen are supporting an end to insider trading among Washington lawmakers. Given the dismal approval ratings of the nation’s politicians, anything that can raise ratings is at least being considered. But don’t count on the passage of this bill.

Will Congress muzzle their own insider trading?

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