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Expect another volatile week



The stakes are rising. On Friday, Vladimir Putin seemed to suggest that an attack on its ally, Syria, would provoke a response from Russia. President Obama stubbornly maintained that we will still take military action against Syria, who he accuses of breaking international law by gassing innocent people.  Historically, financial markets don’t take well to the threat of war between super powers.  read more…

Markets Will Drift Lower


August was not a great month for stock markets. September could be equally disappointing.  After months of higher highs, a consolidation phase should be expected but it is not the end of the world. read more…

The Cost of War


Over the last two decades America has participated in three different wars and several military interventions.  The economic bill for these actions has been substantial. Today, intervention in Syria is front and center. In this age of supposed frugality, why are Americans still willing to pay for air strikes on Damascus or anywhere else? read more…

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How the Fed beat the market last year

Much has been made of the $78.9 billion profit that the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank made last year. All but $2 billion will be transferred over to the Treasury. It is a lot of money but in terms of return on capital it is less than spectacular, a mere 2.6%.

The Fed banked billions in 2011

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Tug of War

All week stock averages fluctuated, usually down in the mornings and popping up to moderate gains in the afternoon. This slow grind upward however, is largely dependent on what happens next in Europe.  So far there hasn’t been any thing new but that could change as Europe gets back in business after their long holiday season. read more…

2012 could be another up and down year

It is that time of year when market strategists stick their neck out and predict the future. No never mind that most, if not all, of their predictions will turn out to be wrong. Investors clamor for yearly forecasts regardless of accuracy, so here’s mine.

Volatility ahead

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Robin Hood would be proud

Taxes are not my favorite thing. Like everyone else, I would like to see less, rather than more, taxes in my life. However, there is one tax under consideration in Congress that I fully support read more…


 The dividing line that often separates bull from bear is the 200 day Moving Average (200 DMA). It is a technical term that tracks the moving average price of stocks over 200 days. All week equities have traded a little above or below that average, leaving investors uncertain of what awaits them in 2012. read more…


Christmas is here and the market action this week indicates the traditional end of the year rally appears ready to begin. About the best one can say is at least we can count on Santa if not anyone else. read more…

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