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The Nation’s Largest Lay-off

As the shutdown progresses through its first week, the Federal government, the nation’s largest employer, is laying off between 800,000 and one million employees. In an economy that is already coping with a 7.3% unemployment rate, that’s bad news. read more…

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The Cost of Clutter

 For well over 20 years I have been guilty of the sin of cluttering. It is only now, after I was finally forced to address the consequences of my actions, that I can write this column. This is my confession. read more…

Now What?

After this week’s stupendous rally, the logical question to ask is what happens next? Do stocks continue to move higher? Is it time to take profits? How do you navigate the future when there are still so many unknowns ahead of us? read more…

Europe: a train on the right tracks

It finally looks like the European Union is on the right track. After almost two years of vacillating, finger pointing and empty promises, the outlines of a deal were announced this week in Brussels that could provide a solution to Europe’s debt crisis.

Chugging out of the fog

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She said, He said

Forget about earnings. Forget about the economy. None of it matters. Investors are totally mesmerized by every twist and turn in the on-going soap opera playing out in Europe.

When will Europe show it's cards?

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Can you blame them?

From May through September of this year, retail investors yanked over $90 billion from stocks funds. If you include the money investors have taken out of mutual funds since January, 2007, the total is almost $250 billion. The question is whether or not the little guy will ever want to come back to the market?

Does the little guy stand a chance?

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Markets March Higher on Hope and a Prayer

My hunch paid off. Investors continued to buy stocks this week hoping that Europe will be able to sort out its financial crisis within the next few weeks. Right now, the markets are in need of a few days of consolidation before breaking higher.

Please, Please, let the EU deliver on a plan

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The American Autumn

Occupy Wall Street, contrary to press reports, did not “come from nowhere.” The American grassroots movement that has spread to over 40 cities is a natural progression of protests that began in the Arab world this spring.

Dont Tread on Me

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