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The tail that wagged the dog

Rarely do we see a single financial asset, in this case oil, have the ability to sway the prices of trillions of dollars worth of investments on a daily basis over such a prolonged period of time. read more…

What will the New Year bring?

crystal-ball-875370-sIt was a good year for the stock market. The S&P 500 Index was up in excess of 12.5% with the other averages putting in a good performance as well. Naturally, investors are hoping for another year of stellar returns. Is that a reasonable expectation? read more…

What’s happening to the movies?

Have you noticed that American movies seem to be long on bullets and increasingly short on words? That despite flop after flop at the box office, the same movies are coming out with sequels? Get used to it because, increasingly, American viewers are a distinct minority when it comes to the box office. read more…

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Get ready for a surprise

Pay special attention to the new disclosure box when you open your year-end, 401 (K) statements. That’s where you will discover for the first time just how much you are paying for the privilege of investing in those company-sponsored menus of mutual funds. You may be in for a surprise. read more…

A Rising Tide

That old saying, “a rising tide lifts all boats” certainly applies to the stock market this month.  It appears that more and more investors are abandoning the bond market and finally embracing equities. That spells further upside. read more…

What is the Market telling us?


Although there is a wall of worry out there encompassing everything from the debt limit to the spending fight, the stock market continues to grind higher. You should be paying attention to that. read more…

Are Fringe Benefits Coming Back?


Since the Financial Crisis, those who have kept their jobs consider themselves as lucky. That may be so, but at the same time many complain that their benefits have been cut as the price for further employment. There are signs that may be changing. read more…

Sideways, Up and then Down


The markets have been consolidating their New Year’s gains this week. My take on the U.S. market is once this period is over, the markets should gather a bit more steam before pulling back in a deeper correction sometime over the next few weeks.  read more…

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