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June Swoon


This week the stock market was actually down three days in a row. It caught many investors off guard, but by the end of the week, traders were expecting the dip buyers to arrive. They did not disappoint. read more…

Unhappily Ever After


Over the next decade roughly 75 million Americans will retire. While most of us are well-aware of the need to plan, save and invest for that momentous moment, very few of us are actually prepared for the non-financial challenges of retirement itself. read more…

Europe is a good bet


When the allies invaded the coast of Normandy on June 6, 1944, no one knew how much was at stake. It was a risky move that not only put an end to years of bloodshed within Europe but also ushered in a new world order that continues today. European leaders are hoping that their central bank’s actions this week will provide an economic D-Day of their own. read more…

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Banking Crisis still with us

Five of the six largest U.S. banks were downgraded on Thursday by credit agency Moody’s Investors Service. In Europe, Spain said its banks will need another $78 billion in new capital while the ECB is planning to relax rules for lending to other banks in Southern Europe. Is it any wonder banks aren’t willing to lend? read more…

Let’s Twist Again


This week the Federal Reserve Bank extended “Operation Twist” until the end of the year. The markets shrugged off the announcement as simply more of the same kind of stimulus that has failed to generate a lasting recovery in the past. Some say the Fed has run out of options, but I wouldn’t be so quick to count the Fed out. read more…

Risk On

It is time to put cash to work. This weekend the Greek electorate goes to the polls. Anything can happen and that’s why it is a good time to invest. read more…

What were they thinking?


It was one of those ‘scratch your head’ weeks on Wall Street. Markets rallied in anticipation that both the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve were going to announce some kind of new stimulus. Investors walked away empty-handed. read more…

Fraught with Peril

We witnessed some panic on Friday. U.S. Investors, already concerned with events in Europe, were seemingly stunned by the decline in the jobs data. What happens next should be interesting.

Bears Rule the Day

read more…

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