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Income Inequality on a Global Scale


Income inequality has suddenly become a hot topic. Think tanks worldwide are releasing studies on the issue.  In this country, the President has made it a political issue in the mid-term elections. This week in Davos, the World Economic Forum will take up the gauntlet as well. It’s about time. read more…

A Cause to Pause


Markets usually need something to move them. Good news or bad, the markets want an excuse to go up or down. Now that the government, the debt ceiling, the budget and the Fed are temporarily out of the picture, investors are finally focusing on something meaningful—earnings. read more…

The internet will change


“Net Neutrality” is the official name for an open internet. It means that all internet providers are to be treated the same regardless of whether you are a mom and pop company or a global behemoth. This week’s federal appeals court ruling pulled the plug on that concept. read more…

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Is Everybody Happy?

You would think investors would be ecstatic. The S&P 500 Index is at 12-month highs. The NASDAQ is flirting with an eleven-year high and the Dow is just points away from 13,000. So what’s not to like? read more…

Profit Taking

It has been six weeks (29 consecutive trading days) since we have seen a 1% decline in the averages. Given that last year it was practically a daily occurrence, most investors are breathing a sigh of relief. That is starting to worry me.

Cut back a little

read more…

Should College be free?

It is a debate that has occupied this country for years. Should college be free to all Americans or should we continue to pay for it? Those in favor argue it is one of our inalienable rights. Those oppose say college is a privilege to be earned and paid for in order for it to have meaning and merit. read more…

Fed Gives Green Light to Stocks

It wasn’t quite a QE III but it came close. This week the Federal Reserve Bank extended the time period in which they would keep a lid on short term interest rates to 2014 while at the same time pushing longer term rates lower. Investors liked that and bought stocks on the news. read more…

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