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The bears are having a hard time


Sellers are having a hard time lately. The markets were up almost 4% in October, and 2.5% in September. So far all the bears have managed to do is slow the advance. The markets were down by less than one percent this week and the bears are on the ropes. read more…

A rough rollout for Obama care


Problems began on day one. Since then the controversy has escalated until just about everyone has something negative to say about the Affordable Care Act. Aside from the litany of computer glitches and misinformation that has greeted the uninsured millions who have attempted to access HealthCare.gov, there are now new questions arising over benefits and costs. read more…

Fourth Quarter Rally?


Here we are just a week away from surviving October, notoriously the worst month of the year. It’s been an up month so far and I’m increasingly optimistic. read more…

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Bankers bash the bears

It was the week that was. The stock market regained practically all of its losses of the last three weeks and then some. If you were not already invested, you missed the move. But don’t fret, I think there is more upside in the weeks ahead.

Bears down but are they out?

read more…

Central Banks Backstop Global Economies

On Wednesday, global markets rallied more than at any time since March 2009. The news was positive and enough to trigger a stampede by short sellers to cover their positions. The moral of this tale is don’t bet against the world’s central bankers. read more…

Merkel versus the Markets

Global Investors are convinced that unless something changes and soon, the Euro and the nations that use it are toast. They are exerting as much selling pressure as possible on worldwide markets to force those changes.  So far all it has done is make us all poorer. read more…

The ECB: between a rock and a hard place

Will the ECB become the lender of last resort?

All eyes are on the European Central Bank. The financial risk in Europe has escalated to a point where investors see no way out unless the ECB comes to the rescue. The problem is that the bank’s charter makes that difficult. read more…

Who do we owe?

Our national debt stands at $14 trillion and rising $3 million a minute or $3.99 billion a day, every day. Given that our debt ceiling at the moment stands at $14.294 trillion, it is only a matter of time before we once again have to renegotiate the debt ceiling. read more…

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