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The Debt Ceiling Turnabout


Both houses of congress passed the debt ceiling this week with no strings attached. That means that global investors will be assured that the United States will honor its commitments until at least March 15, 2015. Should we care? read more…

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Markets climb a wall of worry

Problems, issues, challenges, call them what you may.  Nary a day has gone by when something, somewhere continues to put investors on edge. From the Straits of Hormuz to the infidelities of Republican hopefuls, the world appears to be full of surprises. Yet, the stock markets grind higher.

Markets will do what is most inconvenient for the most number of investors

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Insider trading is no surprise

Over the last few years government authorities have gone after insider traders with increasing success. Now, news headlines indicate that there was actually a hedge fund club of sorts that regularly traded on illegal information.

FBI Operation 'Perfect Hedge'

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How the Fed beat the market last year

Much has been made of the $78.9 billion profit that the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank made last year. All but $2 billion will be transferred over to the Treasury. It is a lot of money but in terms of return on capital it is less than spectacular, a mere 2.6%.

The Fed banked billions in 2011

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Tug of War

All week stock averages fluctuated, usually down in the mornings and popping up to moderate gains in the afternoon. This slow grind upward however, is largely dependent on what happens next in Europe.  So far there hasn’t been any thing new but that could change as Europe gets back in business after their long holiday season. read more…

2012 could be another up and down year

It is that time of year when market strategists stick their neck out and predict the future. No never mind that most, if not all, of their predictions will turn out to be wrong. Investors clamor for yearly forecasts regardless of accuracy, so here’s mine.

Volatility ahead

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Robin Hood would be proud

Taxes are not my favorite thing. Like everyone else, I would like to see less, rather than more, taxes in my life. However, there is one tax under consideration in Congress that I fully support read more…

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