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The Faint of Heart


It has been at best a bumpy ride for stocks this week. While events in Crimea are partially responsible, there are some underlying factors just below the surface that may have more to do with recent performance than would meet the eye. read more…

What’s wrong with this flight plan?

The next time you board a regional airplane remember this. The co-pilots responsible for your safety are making the minimum wage. That means they are earning about as much as the guy hauling trashcans outside your local supermarket or flipping fast food burgers and working a heck of a lot longer hours as well.  read more…

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Should Colleges be free, Part III

College tuition hurts those who need higher education the most– lower-income students. Back in your parent’s era, that may not have been much of a problem thanks to a growing middle class. But in America today, the middle class is disappearing, leaving more of us than ever facing impossible future tuition costs for our children. read more…

Bulls batter the Bears

Day after day the markets climb higher. Recession in Europe, worries over China’s growth, even the skyrocketing price of oil have no power over these markets. The bears are in full retreat and only sunny skies are allowed on Wall Street. read more…

Is Everybody Happy?

You would think investors would be ecstatic. The S&P 500 Index is at 12-month highs. The NASDAQ is flirting with an eleven-year high and the Dow is just points away from 13,000. So what’s not to like? read more…

Profit Taking

It has been six weeks (29 consecutive trading days) since we have seen a 1% decline in the averages. Given that last year it was practically a daily occurrence, most investors are breathing a sigh of relief. That is starting to worry me.

Cut back a little

read more…

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