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Branching out into television with “Thirty Minutes,” a weekly show that informs, educates and amuses.

As more and more of the population shifts from reading to viewing, even old dogs like me have to keep up. So when GNAT-TV in Manchester, VT asked me to host a thirty minute television show based on my columns, I just couldn’t refuse. I will be posting my weekly shows right here in case you missed them. Enjoy!



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About Bill

Bill Schmick was born in a blue-collar neighborhood of Philadelphia, just a few blocks north of “Rocky Balboa” territory where most of his Catholic schoolmates grew up to be either cops or criminals. He narrowly escaped both professions by volunteering to fight in Vietnam as a U.S. Marine... Read More

Recent Posts:

Buying the dips still works

After several days of mild selling, buyers appeared, as they have all year. The ‘buy the dip” mentality is still alive and well. It is why you should stay invested. read more…

China chips away at U.S. dominance

We are about half way through President Trump’s twelve day visit to Asia. The main event, another meeting between Trump and President Xi Jinping, underscores the importance of how both nations view China-U.S. relations. read more…

Cracks in the House of Saud

Over the weekend, the government of Saudi Arabia announced multiple arrests of royal family members as well as other governmental officials. The official explanation was a new campaign to root out corruption, but many believe the raid was a power grab by the reigning Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. read more…

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