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Branching out into television with “Thirty Minutes,” a weekly show that informs, educates and amuses.

As more and more of the population shifts from reading to viewing, even old dogs like me have to keep up. So when GNAT-TV in Manchester, VT asked me to host a thirty minute television show based on my columns, I just couldn’t refuse. I will be posting my weekly shows right here in case you missed them. Enjoy!



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About Bill

Bill Schmick was born in a blue-collar neighborhood of Philadelphia, just a few blocks north of “Rocky Balboa” territory where most of his Catholic schoolmates grew up to be either cops or criminals. He narrowly escaped both professions by volunteering to fight in Vietnam as a U.S. Marine... Read More

Recent Posts:

It should be a good month for stocks

The House passed a stop-gap spending bill averting a government shut-down late last night. As a result, markets moved higher. We can expect more of the same until the next deadline, which is just before Christmas. read more…

Will the lights go out?

The deadline looms. There is no deal in sight. Various political factions are jockeying to get their demands met. It is all part of an annual compromise to fund the government for another year. So what else is new? read more…

Is this a blow-off top?

Stocks roared higher this week. The gains were fueled by the expectation that Congress will pass a tax reform bill before the end of the year. That is not at all certain, but the markets are assuming it’s a done deal. So what happens next? read more…

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